Thursday, January 24, 2008

A hidden gem at The Studios. (A Review)

If you have ever been to the message boards at, you'll know that the hidden gem in the title of this post is none other than The Tune-In Lounge! If you don't know, The Tune-In Lounge is a bar thats connected to The 50s Prime Time Cafe. Well, I went to The Studios yesterday, and was quite hungry. So I figured I'd give The Tune-In Lounge a shot. I had been meaning to do so for some time now. Anyway, I ordered the stacked sandwich, with smoked turkey on multi grain bread topped with a tomato slice, lettuce, and mayo. I got the side of fries, but you can get potato chips or the house salad. To drink, I had the cherry coke. The bartender was very friendly, and had actually been working at Walt Disney World since back in the 80's. His name was Dave. It was really kinda interesting watching those old T.V. show clips.

I should mention that the Tune-In Lounge is not just a bar. As the name implies, it is also a lounge, or in this case, a living room. This is where the different families will wait for Mom to call them into the dining room for lunch or supper. It's a good place to go if you have never eaten at the Prime Time Cafe, as that way you can sort of sample the lively attitudes of the Cast Members. Then you can see if it looks fun for you or your family. The service was very good. Dave greeted me with a smile, and I gave him my order. The cherry coke was awesome. It's not like regular cherry cokes. It's just coke, with cherry flavoring added. Okay, so I know that sounds exactly like regular cherry coke. But it's not, because the barthender is the one who adds the flavoring, right there at the bar. It was topped with two cherries, and came with a bendy straw.

About 2 to 3 minutes later, my food arrived. It looked extremely tasty, and it was. They're not kidding when they call it the stacked sandwich. That thing was packed with turkey! The fries where outstanding! Sorry to steal your word there Hydrolators Hochberg! But they are much better than all the Mc Donalds fries you can get throughout the parks. They really are just like mom used to made. The price was pretty decent too. The sandwich was about $10 and the cherry coke was $3, with free refills. So the total was around $14. Overall I'd definitely have to call The Tune-In Lounge a must do. At least once during your trip.

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