Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Trip Report for 12/4/07

Ok so instead of posting multiple copies of my trip reports on The World for One forums as well as other forums, I'll just post them here, and link to each one in all the forums I usually post trip reports. Anyway, I decided to visit The World yesterday in hopes of maybe getting the chance to test the new Spaceship Earth. Well I wish I was a Cast Member, because I saw one after another go from backstage to behind the construction wall and back 15 minutes later. I even asked working CMs if they were testing it and got the same answer each time, "All they've told us that it would be having soft openings sometime in January and would be opening in February." So I pretty much figured that either they really haven't been informed of the CM testing dates, or they were instructed to tell guests the January - February spiel. Well I had gotten to Epcot pretty early, about 8:15am or so. As I was on the Monorail circling the park before coming into the station, I noticed that Test Track was open and guests where going in. The park doesn't officially open until 9am. Thats when they usually have the rope drop in front of the Future World fountains. Well at about 8:45 I was walking around the Land and saw that one of the escalators was broken and there was a crew working on it. Now I haven't seen the inside of one of those so I snapped a pic. Anyway, I headed on down to Sunshine Seasons and got myself a medium coffee and a chocolate chip muffin. I found it kind of odd that Soarin' and Test Track were open before 9. Anyway, I finished my muffin and headed out of The Land. With coffee in hand, I made my way to Mission: Space. I finished my coffee outside and got an "Orange Team, More Intense Training" card. After that I got on Test Track. Next I walked over to Norway and took quite a few pics. I walked back towards Mexico since it was still before 11am and none of the World Showcase attractions were open yet. I took a couple more pics here. I was walking back towards Future World, taking some pics of the Then I walked over to The Imagination Institute and took a few fountain pics, and one of Figment for good measure. Then I headed towards the exit. Along the way I noticed a sign outside of The Art of Disney presenting the artwork of Larry Dotson. I went inside and let me tell you, this guy is amazing. The first painting that caught my eye was the new Haunted Mansion painting. I really wanted to take a picture of it to use as my computers wallpaper, but much to my surprise Larry himself walked up to me and asked me what I was doing. I told him I wanted to take a picture of that painting to put on my computer. Well he asked me not to and of course I obliged. I apologized and left the store. I felt, and still feel bad about that. I'm not a big art person, but I like what I see. I do not know proper art etiquette, but I figure that taking a picture of a picture, especially right in front of the artist, is quite rude. I didn't even consider that until after that little encounter with Larry. So if you somehow found my little blog, Larry, I am truly sorry for that. My ignorance of the art world is troubling, I know. I really really like your work and would gladly buy it, if I could afford it and if I had a better way to properly display the art. Since I live in a hotel room, a small one at that, it would do the artwork injustice to hang it on a wall in there. Anyway, I left the park and noticed new fencing (pictured below).
Then I headed over to Disney's Hollywood Studios. As I always do upon entering The Studios, I first rode The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, then Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. Then I went over to see the construction on Toy Story Mania and the Pixar Place gate/sign. While I was in that area of the park, I figured I'd check out Journey Into Narnia: Creating The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe since I had never seen this walk through attraction. I was not overly impressed with this. I was expecting it to be more like the walk through portions of the Backlot Tour. Although there was one element I wasn't expecting in a walk through attraction. That was the live actress portraying The White Witch. Now I have yet to see The Chronicles of Narnia, but I probably will rent it before the next film is released this coming spring. I then went and watched The Voyage of The Little Mermaid because I literally had not seen this show since I was about 3 or 4. As with most childhood memories, I remember the theater being a bit bigger, more the size of the Muppet * Vision 3D theater. The lasers and bubbles was about all I remember of the actual show, so this was a good refresher. Then I went over to The Great Movie Ride. I got a great Tour Guide named Chris, and a not so great female Gangster hijacker. Her gangster accent wasn't that great and she didn't seen like she was enjoying what she was doing, although the whole Gangster character is supposed to be a bit of a downer in morale, but I would really love that position. I know almost all the lines, and I can do a pretty good accent if I do say so myself! After GMR, I went on Star Tours, then got a bite to eat at the Studios Catering Co. I got the Ceaser Chicken Wrap and a large Coke. The wrap wasn't bad but I prefer the chicken wrap over at Pecos Bill's at The Magic Kingdom. After I ate I went and saw Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show, since I had only seen it once since it opened. Then I went back to Coaster and rode that 4 more times, and then Tower 4 more as well before heading home. The last ride one Tower was one of the most memorable I've ever had. I had unintentionally timed it just right so that when the doors opened in the drop shaft, a red firework shell exploded in the sky behind Tower (Fantasmic!) and the entire park glowed red right before the drop. I was amazed at how cool it looked. That was a one in a lifetime chance of that happening. Well at least one in a good while. After that I made may way to the buses, and went home.

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